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We provide bespoke, in-house training to companies located in Central Europe.

Our training is generally sought out by subsidiaries of multinational corporations with large accounting departments.

Multinational corporations generally know exactly the information their staff needs to fulfill its role.

Consequently, our first step is to sit down with their accounting leaders to design a syllabus that meets those needs.

Only after the content and scope of the training have been agreed upon, do we pick suitable times and places.

Our training is also sought out by local companies looking to expand internationally, considering a capital market listing or preparing themselves for a trade sale.

While multinational corporations generally know exactly the information their staff needs to fulfill its role, local companies are often new to IFRS or US GAAP.

In Europe, many companies only have experience applying the national GAAP required by their national law.

As they are new to IFRS or US GAAP, our first step is usually a short, one-day training during which we seek to determine the level of knowledge and experience of their accounting staff currently possess.

Once this initial training has been completed, we sit down with the company’s leaders to design a syllabus to provide their staff the information they need to successfully apply IFRS or US GAAP going forward.

Occasionally, instead of additional training, the company’s leaders decide to seek our advice to set up reporting systems that not only comply with IFRS or US GAAP, also laws and regulations such as EC 1606/2002 or the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Our in-house training is custom tailored to fill the needs of each company and generally ranges from four hours to three days.