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Duplicate Key

Dear Sir,

From Multi Dimensional excel worksheet for IFRS Chart 2014 excel file under line 1408 & 1410 got duplicate Account No. Why?

Any typo error?

Hope to hear from you soon.


GY Teh

Make sure you expand all the fields.

1408 is

Other operating expensesEmployee benefits expense

1410 is

Other operating expensesRepairs and maintenance expense


Since these two item is mean for difference thing, can it be same account no 050202070000040002? I though account no should be unique for all and how come it can mean for two different thing?

Do feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. From my expectation, it should be unique and how come can be duplicate? How I'm going to apply in my accounting code? I saw the path, it does not belong to same root.

I found out that there are no of account code duplicate as below and each belong to difference meaning. Should they own the unique account no?

Duplicate code as below:

1. 020203010100000000 (repeat 3 times)

2. 020203020400000000 (repeat 10 times)

3. 050201010000050102 (repeat 2 times)

4. 050202070000040002 (repeat 2 times)

Please advice and thank you.


GY Teh

You are correct.  Unfortunately, the account number generator, was not originally designed to deal with multiple dimensions so caused some errors, especially when converting the “.” and “-” delimited account numbers to numeric values.

I'm having the programmers look at the issue and so the errors should be gone by the time we release the 2015 chart (which we will publish after IASB publishes its 2015 XBRL taxonomy).

In the mean time, I had the errors you pointed out fixed by hand, so the 2014 chart should be OK too.

Sorry for any difficulties.  If you run into any additional problems, please do not hesitate to post or email me, and I’ll deal with them as fast as I can.


R. Mladek



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